Love our New Kitchen!

"Robert J Erdmann designed my remodeled kitchen in our Tri-level home. His attention to detail and ability to read what his clients want and need is exceptional. He designed a beautiful contemporary kitchen for us, and was extremely mythodical about where drawers and cabinets went in relation to how we use our kitchen. Things we didn't even think of at the time. He listened to what we liked, and designed it exactly the way we wanted it to be.

Robert goes over and beyond his job, in that he really cares about how everything turns out. That includes stops at the remodel site, because he was in the neighborhood and just wanted to see how things are going....and then ends up spending an hour measuring exactly where the pulls should be placed on the cabinets/drawers, so the carpenter gets it perfect!! There is a reason for everything that Robert puts on paper, and he is great at explaining each detail along the way. I would recommend Robert J Erdmann to everyone!!!”

- Sharon